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Couple Assurance Plan (Den Mohar Bima) with profit

Features of the plan
01 Type of Plan It is developed in combination of the benefits of endowment and term assurance plan. For husband it will be term Insurance, for wife the policy will be endowment.
02 Term of policy Any of 10, 12, 14,16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 years
03 Age of the assured at commencement of policy Minimum 18 & Maximum 50 years. But husband’s age will not be below 21 years at commencement of policy.
04 Assureds age at Maturity For both husband and wife - maximum 60 years.
05 Mode of payment Quarterly, half yearly and yearly
06 Calculation of premium of wife for installment Level premium. Premium of Husband- A single premium for whole policy term based on the age of husband at commencement of policy.
07 Target group Any Muslim married man who has faith in Islamic rules and values.
08 Premium payable on husband’s life A single premium to be deposited at the commencement of the policy.
Benefit of Plan
01 Husband's Death In case of husband’s death during policy period, the wife will get full sum assured.
02 At maturity Wife will get money deposited in her Mudaraba fund alongwith accrued bonus.
03 In case of wife’s death Her nominee (s) will get money deposited in Mudaraba fund along with profit (If any).
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