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Kalyan Bima - Two Payment Deposit Pension Scheme - With Profit

Features of the plan
01 Type of Plan It is an anticipated endowment policy the benefit of which may be given in alternative form of annuity also.
02 Term of policy 10, 12, 14,16,18 and 20 years
03 Age of the assured at commencement of policy Minimum - 18 years and Maximum - 50 years
04 Maximum age at marurity 60 Years
05 Mode of payment Quarterly, half yearly and yearly
06 Calculation of premium for installment Level premium
07 Size of installment Minimum monthly 500 ৳ (five hundred), Maximum 10,000 ৳ (Ten thousand).
08 Target group Poor, lower middle class people including factory workers, , housewives , servants, small traders.
Benefit of Plan
01 On survival Assured will get 20% of sum assured at the end of half of policy period from his mudaraba fund.
02 At maturity Rest 65% will be paid along with accrued bonus.
03 ...... The assured may take his benefit in the form of monthly pension for 10 consecutive years instead of one time cash withdrawal. The rate of monthly pension will be taka 11.46 per thousand sum assured.
04 ...... In case of assured’s death during policy term while the policy remains in force the nominee will get full sum assured along with accrued bonus (If any) from mudaraba fund irrespective of receipt of 35% of sum assured as survival benefit.
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