Prime Islami Life Insurance Ltd.
Customer Care: 09617333111
Helpline: 09613777779
IDRA Hotline Number: 16130

Mr. Mohd. Akther, Chairman

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Mr. Mohd. Akther is a Director and also Chairman of Prime Islami Life Insurance Limited. He obtained Masters of Commerce degree. He is a renowned businessman.

He is a Managing Director of Gumti Textiles Limited, Al-Razee Spinning Mills Limited and Chairman of LandScape Limited. He is associated over 30 years’ experience Management of Textile Enterprises such as GMG Industrial Corporation, Palash Industrial Enterprise, Rahim Textile, Al Faruk Textile and Faridpur Textile as well as in the real estate and trading sectors and 15 years RMG sector in Bangladesh. He is a former director of Generation Next Fashions Limited.

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